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190 and 491 Visa State Sponsorship Victoria

Victoria State Nomination

The 2021-22 Victorian skilled visa nomination program (subclass 190 and 491) is opened. They are seeking applicants working in target sectors like Health, Medical research, Life sciences, Digital, Agri-food, Advanced manufacturing, and new energy, emissions and reduction, and circular economy.

Victoria (VIC) State government requires the candidates to submit an ROI (Registration of Interest) and is invited by the VIC state government to apply for state nomination through Victoria state government under subclass 190 or 491 scheme.

Victoria State Nomination under subclass 190 stream

Candidates are required to be living and working in Victoria; candidates are required to be currently working in one of the VIC’s target sectors using STEMM skills*.

VIC state government announced that 170 invitations have been issued to successful candidates for the 2021-22 program.

These invitations were sent to the best candidates working in six different sectors. Whilst the Health sector did feature strongly, 62 percent of invitations were sent to candidates working in other sectors.


Sector Lowest points to date* Top occupations
Advanced Manufacturing 95
  1. Mechanical Engineer
  2. Engineering Technologist
  3. Electrical Engineer
Agri-food 90
  1. Food Technologist
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Engineering Technologist
Health 90
  1. Medical Practitioners NEC
  2. Resident Medical Officer / Physiotherapist
  3. Occupational Therapist
Life Sciences 95
  1. Secondary School Teacher
  2. Food Technologist
  3. Chemical Engineer
Medical Research 90
  1. Software Engineer
  2. Biomedical Engineer / Industrial Engineer / Life Scientist NEC
New Energy, Emissions Reduction and Circular Economy 95
  1. Electrical Engineer
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Developer Programmer / Engineering Technologist

Victoria State Nomination under subclass 491 stream

VIC state government indicates that the invitations under 491 scheme are currently being assessed with the first invitation round, further information will be shared once it becomes available.

*STEM skills refer to individual skills needed to do science, mathematics, and engineering, and those needed to use technology effectively.

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