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"I am very grateful to the entire team. They were reliable throughout the whole process. They answered all our questions and guided us through the entire visa journey with so much ease and efficiency. I will forever be grateful to the Migration Downunder team because they helped me to be with the love of my life!"

Angelo’s Story – Citizenship

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m originally from the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Before moving to Australia I had been working for several years in the IT industry. I moved to Australia in Jan 2018 on a 457 visa that was handled by Migration Downunder. After 3 years working as an engineer for my sponsoring company I became a permanent resident via the 186 visa granted in March 2021 and also facilitated by your agency. My citizenship was approved in October last year and I’m now waiting for the ceremony.

How was your experience with Migration Downunder?

My experience with Migration Downunder has been great. I have been communicating with various agents since 2017 and always found the responses to be very prompt, helpful and understanding. The migration process can be quite stressful, especially obtaining that first 457 visa, and the agents at Migration Downunder have always been very understanding and patient with my requests. I believe their assistance has been instrumental in my journey towards becoming an Australian Citizen.

What are your plans for the future?

I have recently become engaged, so I’m looking forward to my wedding first and foremost!  I’m also looking forward to voting in the upcoming elections and referendum and being more politically involved in general. Finally I wish to continue travelling around the country and getting to know the various regions better. I have visited all state capitals already, except for Tasmania’s, and hope to go there sometime this year.

This picture on the story is my first trip down to New Zealand. Free movement between AU and NZ is one of the many benefits of being an Australia permanent resident or citizen that I have been enjoying for the last few years.

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