About Us

Welcome to Migration Downunder! We are excited that you are considering to do what many thousands of migrants have done before you, in allowing Migration Downunder to guide you along your migration journey.  

Established in 1999, Migration Downunder handles a variety of visas, citizenship applications including complex scenarios and appeals for individuals, families and employers.

Migration Downunder’s extremely high visa approval success rate is a result of our strict company policy of not proceeding with applications that may result in failure. A visa application is a major cost in a client’s plan to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand and we make our clients fully aware of their prospect of success at the very beginning of our services. We will not proceed with applications that have no prospect of success. Please see the testimonials from our clients who congratulate and thank us on the standard and quality of our application.

Whilst it is compulsory for all practising Australia Migration Agents to be registered with OMARA, our team has a commitment to the OMARA Code of Conduct which sets out in detail the professional and ethical standards required by registered migration agents.

We are all members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), a leading organisation for the migration profession whilst our Principal Agent is a Fellow and more recently held the position of National President and Chair of the National MIA Board in addition to being the NSW/ACT MIA State President for over five years. Julie currently Chairs the MIA Family Visa Advisory Panel.

Amongst our team, we speak Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, Dutch, Hindi and Malayalam.

We’re a company that puts our clients first and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction.

We are a diverse bunch and we celebrate the personalities that make up our “family” of intuitive people that love what we do and strive to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Company History

The story of Migration Downunder commenced in 1999 when Julie Williams saw a gap in the Immigration Profession for a personalised and quality immigration service.

Julie slowly built the business up in conjunction with being a full-time mother and expanded out in hiring her first employee in 2010.  

We pride ourselves in delivering our clients a visa solution which encompasses the core principles of ethics, service, honesty and integrity.

In our 25th year in the profession, Migration Downunder have successfully assisted thousands of clients from all over the world.

Migration Downunder aims at all times, to maintain the upmost levels of service for our customers and strives to place itself at the forefront of Immigration Advisory Services within the Immigration profession.

What we do

Migration Downunder provides the following services to our clients:

  • Honest and accurate advice
  • Prepares and lodge visa applications, citizenship applications, appeals and reviews
  • Regular Updates
  • Clear instructions
  • Visa Compliance

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to treat our clients as we would like to be treated and more importantly provide the best customer experience.

Our competitive advantage is based on our genuine commitment to consistently delivering real service, being flexible and innovative, and building strong working relationships with our clients.

Vision Statement

Our aim is to be:

  • Known for high quality outcomes provided with honesty and integrity
  • Known for delivering the result our clients want and deserve, encompassing the core principles of ethics and service

Our Values

We approach challenges with an open mind, curiosity and a desire to help.  An ability to see the possibilities first, nurture and adapt new ideas and understand there is no such thing as mission impossible.

We understand that 11th hour curveballs are part and parcel of working in the migration profession.  We know how to remain calm and keep a level head to find a solution even when the going gets tough.

Before any immigration advice can be provided, we must hold an initial consultation which will attract a fee of $385.

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