Ali Reza – Subclass 309/100 Spouse Visa

“As such, I am profoundly grateful to the wonderful Australian people and the supportive community who have stood by me during the challenging times. Dreams do come true and I’m so grateful to have my family here, in Australia, with me.”

Ali’s Story – Citizenship & Subclass 309/100 Partner Visa

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Ali, an Afghani citizen who arrived as a refugee and was granted permanent residency over ten years ago.  Sadly, I arrived without my family as I fled Afghanistan in fear for my life and seeking a better future for my wife, siblings and two young sons.

Little did I know it would take so long for me to be reunited with my family.  I kept the faith, as did my wife and she, along with my two sons (whom I hadn’t seen for ten years), my younger brother and my sister, all eventually flew into Melbourne in August 2022.

I arrived in Australia towards the end of 2012, scared, alone and uncertain whether I was ever going to see my family again.  I had very little English, and I enrolled into TAFE before heading to Newcastle from Sydney, where I attended Newcastle University where I completed a Bachelor of Construction Engineering.

Where are you now? How has it been calling Australia home?

I moved to Melbourne in 2019 due to work opportunities.  I work as a Project Engineer on Major Road Projects Victoria, in Melbourne.

I became an Australian citizen on 24 May 2022, something I’m very proud of, although I did begin to lose faith as it took a very long time (over 6 years) to be finalised and approved.

My family and I live in Melbourne in a home I bought after renovating and selling my first home.

How has life changed for you in Australia?

Australia has given my family and me a future.  My sister can continue her education and play sports, which was taken away from her whilst living in Afghanistan.  It takes some time to settle into a foreign country, especially when you don’t speak the language.  However, my children and sister are
attending language school each day and are looking forward to moving into the mainstream education system at the local school.  My brother is learning a new trade as a Tiler, which he is really enjoying as he’s never had the opportunity to work before.

My wife and family are surprised by the abundance of food that is available in Australia, and we enjoy having beautiful home-cooked meals each day with fresh ingredients, something that wasn’t available to us previously.

As such, I am profoundly grateful to the wonderful Australian people and the supportive community who have stood by me during these challenging times. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude, with a
special mention of Julie Williams. Julie’s tireless dedication and efforts that went above and beyond all expectations to help reunite me with my family in Australia are truly remarkable. Her kindness and determination have left an indelible mark on my heart. I will forever cherish this act of kindness and
generosity. My thoughts are with all of you, and I offer my prayers for your well-being and happiness.
May God bless you for your exceptional efforts and the love you’ve shown – you are indeed a remarkable soul.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Father’s Day is always important. I believe every single day is Father’s Day simply because I have my children with me whom I can hug and hold and never let go.  Father’s Day will be celebrated with a lunch with family and friends.

Dreams do come true, and I’m so grateful to have my family here in Australia with me.

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