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Australian Partner Visa – Are you Eligible?

New year…………new beginnings!  What have you planned for 2022, is it making a commitment such as firming your position in Australia in securing a visa or perhaps following your partner, to Australia, who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident?

One thing the Covid pandemic has taught us, is that don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.  If you’re eligible to apply for an Australian visa that will secure your place in Australia, then do so now as you never know when the eligibility will change.

If you’d like to know whether you’re eligible and meet the legal criteria to apply for a partner visa, feel free to book a consultation with us here or give us a call on 0294195411.

The Australian government are currently prioritising partner visa applications in this current financial year, which is seeing very quick turnarounds with decision-ready applications.

The new year often brings a new love or perhaps it’s a new year resolution where you decide to commit to your relationship.  Whether you are the Australian citizen/permanent resident wishing to sponsor your partner or you are the temporary resident in Australia or overseas resident wishing to apply and join your partner.

If you are seeking to lodge your visa on your own it’s not as simple as it seems.  Many stumble when it comes to being able to differentiate what a de-facto relationship is; it’s not only about living together and registering a relationship; it’s so much more.  The same can be said about married relationships, many take it for granted if they are married it will be a simpler and easier process in gaining a visa. The answer is that you require a  comprehensive collection of documents including, but not limited to, evidence of nature of household, social aspects, financial commitments and level of commitment to one another.

With more international flights arriving and Australia’s international borders re-opened it is becoming much easier and affordable for partners of Australian citizens to return to Australia.

Subclass 820/801, Subclass 309/100 and also Subclass 300 visa holders can all enter Australia without the requirement of a travel exemption and if you are double vaccinated, you will not be subject to the mandatory hotel quarantine that was previously in force.

There are a number of different partner visas you may be eligible for of which all require you to have met in person, at least once, regardless of how you met

  1. Subclass 820/801 – onshore lodgement, when you’re in Australia
  2. Subclass 309/100 – offshore lodgement, if you’re living overseas
  3. Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage Visa, if you have plans to marry in the future
  4. Subclass 461 – Have a New Zealand partner, that is not an eligible Australian resident

Would you like to realise your dream of a partner visa, as stress-free as possible?  Get in touch with our team and book your consultation here.

Published Wed 5 January 2022.


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