Australian Visa Types

Are you coming to Australia for an amazing holiday, or to study at one of our excellent education facilities, maybe you’re joining a family member, or marrying the love of your life, a lot of people just want to work or live permanently in Australia? Whatever your reason you will need a valid Australian visa.

It can be overwhelming, with over 90 different types of Australian visa to apply for. We can help you to find the right Australian Visa that best suits your circumstances.

To help you better understand the correct visa for your circumstances, and to ensure you have a clear picture of your pathway to the correct visa, we have included in the table below the most common visas and their intended applicant type and circumstances.

Your Circumstances Australian Visa
I have met the love of my life and I’m joining him/her in Australia Partner Visa
I believe I’m a qualified professional and I have decided to work and live permanently in Australia. General Skilled Migration
I have found a company willing to sponsor me and utilize my work skills Temporary 457 Work Visa
I have worked in the same occupation for 2 years under the 457 Visa program and want to live here as a resident. Employer Nomination Scheme
I want to improve my skills studying in Australia at a higher education facility. Student Visas
I want to reunite with a family member in Australia. Family Visa
I have the money to invest in a Business in Australia. Business Migration
I tried to apply for a visa by myself but I have had my visa refused. Admistrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Former MRT Review

I want to visit Australia, enjoy the fun hospitality and take pictures of your beautiful country while sightseeing. Tourist Visa
I’m lucky and hold a passport from one of the partner Countries involved in the Working holiday Program. Working Holiday
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