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Work with the migration agents who uncomplicate the process

We understand that quality employees are the greatest resource for any business and sometimes it is difficult to source this talent within Australian shores.

Many businesses and individuals go through the process themselves and find the red tape overwhelming. The process can often take many months and in the end many applications are rejected or delayed unnecessarily because one critical piece of information is missing.

We have a long track record of securing visas for employees across a broad range of industries and skill set from around the world. We are highly experienced, reliable and assist to make the process a smooth one. Working with us mitigates your risk of lodging an expensive application to see it fail or one that takes longer than necessary to be processed.

How we work

We work with you — understanding your business and your needs so we can seamlessly handle immigration applications on your behalf. Once we’re familiar with your skilled migration needs, we’ll be advisors you can
call any time to talk through the right visa strategy for an employee.

We are here to save you time as well as increase the chances of a successful application.
We work tirelessly to educate your Human Resources personnel and key stakeholders through one-on-one presentations and our Corporate Newsletter keeping them engaged and informed at all times.

Your organisation can expect to receive information that ensures all parts of your business are aligned for immigration processing, including:

  • Record keeping

  • Labour market

  • Work rights on various
    visa classes

  • Advice when terminating a
    sponsored employee


Successful companies have the best people from around the world over! We can assist you to bring the skilled worker you have been searching to grow your business. We work with forward thinking companies every day to ensure they have the employees they want.

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The Employer Nomination Scheme is a permanent visa, and requires the nominating employer to be operating in Australia. The employee needs to show a higher level of skill than for a 457 visa, but otherwise the criteria are broadly similar to the 457 visa.

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Visa Application

There are several visa options that allow businesses to sponsor overseas workers to live and work in Australia.

Would you like to know more about your prospects for a visa?

Eligibility is the most important step in determining whether a person may meet the legal criteria for a visa application and one consultation could save you money.

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