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Standard Business Sponsorship

Standard Business Sponsorship Requirements | Sponsorship Duration | Obligations

Employers throughout Australia are struggling in recruiting skilled staff from within the Australian labour market and are now seeking to sponsor qualified and experienced employees from overseas.

Once a Sponsorship has been approved, the company is able to nominate positions to be filled by overseas employees and the overseas employees are able to apply for a Visa.

There are several visa options that allow businesses to sponsor overseas residents or to sponsor temporary overseas residents who might already be in Australia working, studying or visiting.

Employees can be sponsored under:

Your company may also wish to apply for accredited status as this has significant benefits.

Standard Business Sponsorship Requirements

There are a number of requirements for a company to become a standard business sponsor which include:

Sponsorship Period of Validity

Once obtained, Sponsorship approval is for five years, this includes accredited sponsors and newly established businesses.

Employer Sponsorship Obligations

Approved standard business sponsors are required to meet a number of sponsorship obligations to prevent exploitation of overseas workers.

These obligations include the following:

482 / TSS Sponsorship

186 Employer Nominated Permanent Residency

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