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Training Visa subclass 407

The Training visa (subclass 407) is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training or professional development.

The visa allows applications to:

Three different streams apply:

  1. Occupational training required for registration
    for applicants who require registration, membership or a licence to work in Australia or their home country
  2. Occupational training to enhance skills in an an eligible occupation
    for applicants who wish to participate in structured workplace-based training in relation to an occupation listed on the relevant skilled occupation list to improve their skills
  3. Occupational training for capacity building overseas
    for applicants who require training as part of their overseas study or who are supported by an Australian or overseas government organization or for professional or management level employees of an overseas organisation

Main facts and requirements:

For occupational trainees:

Applicants cannot:

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