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189 Skilled Independent Visa

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The 189 visa is a permanent application allowing the applicants to remain indefinitely in Australia with full work rights. It does not require sponsorship by a State/Territory Government or relative in Australia.

Australia is well and truly open for business and in need of skilled migrants and this is reflected on the large volume of invitations that we’ve seen sent out over the past several months.
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The 2022-23 migration program year to date has seen invitation rounds in large numbers in August 2022 (12,200 invitations), October 2022 (11,714 invitations) and in December 2022 a staggering 35,000 invitations.

Applicants required a minimum 65 points to secure an invitation in the December 2022 round.  Some of the more popular occupations such as Accountant, Civil Engineer and Computer Network Engineer required 85 points

The highest ranked applicants are the first who are invited to apply for the 189 visa and applicants with equal scores are invited in order of when they reached their points score on their EOI.

For more information, visit the Department of Home Affairs – Invitation Rounds

Requirements for 189 Visa

In order to qualify for a Subclass 189 visa, you would need to:

Steps involved in applying for a 189 Visa

Pass Mark

The current pass mark to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) is 65 points however the more points you have, the stronger your application will be and the more likely it is for you to receive an invitation. Some occupations require a much higher pass mark and not all occupations are invited on each round. Please review ‘Latest invitation round GSM‘.

How To Gain More Points

You may wish to consider the following key sectors to increase your points and maximise your chance on receiving an invitation for Subclass 189:

Skills Assessments and English test results

Skill Assessments are valid for three years unless otherwise stated and English language results are valid for three years. It is important to make certain your Skills Assessment and English language results remain valid, as they must be valid at the time you receive an invitation.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Once you have completed your EOI, it is stored in Skill Select and is valid for two years. After this, you will have to submit a new EOI.

189 Visa Cost

The current government application fee starts from AUD4,240. This will vary depending on the number of dependants included in your application and their age.
Our consultancy fee will be dependent on your individual circumstances.


Do I Apply in Australia or Overseas? Can I include Family Members on my visa application?

You can apply either onshore or offshore of Australia and you can include dependent family members such as spouse/partner and dependent children.

What happens after I submit my 189 Visa application?

Once your 189 visa application is allocated to a case officer, they may undertake id checks and assess your claimed information such as employment, language and qualifications before making a decision on your visa application.

Please be aware that a case officer may refuse your visa application without requesting further information or documents. Therefore, it is crucial you provide all relevant documents at the time of the lodgement of your application.

Duration and Conditions

Once you receive your Permanent Residency through the 189 Visa, you are entitled to:

Becoming an Australian Citizen

After a certain time, you might be eligible for Australian citizenship.

189 Visa Success Story

Ivy Buu 

189 Visa for Early Childhood Teacher

Ivy came to Australia in 2017 to study a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. She has been working as an Early Childhood Teacher for a few years. She applied for Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa and obtained her permanent residency within 4 months.  Now she is is heading back to university to complete for her masters in primary education! Ivy is enjoying the feeling of being locationally secure and looking forward to her permanent life in Australia.


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