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Partner 461 Visa for New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship

If you are in a married or de facto relationship with your partner who is a New Zealand Citizen living in Australia; the Subclass 461 visa is a suitable option for you.
The Subclass 461 visa is also available to other eligible family members of the New Zealand citizen.

You need to be an eligible family member of someone living in Australia on a Subclass 444 or be traveling to Australia with a family member who will be granted a Subclass 444 on arrival.

This visa allows you to live and work in Australia for up to five years and can be renewed as long as you continue to meet the criteria for the grant of the visa.

461 visa criteria

In order to be eligible for a 461 Visa, you must meet the following criteria:

Processing Time

Current processing time varies and it’s best to check the Department of Home Affairs current global processing time at

How much is a Partner Visa subclass 461?

The current (2018) government fee for a Subclass 461 visa is $340 AUD. This is the cost whether you apply in Australia or overseas.

If you are including dependents on the application, you are looking at cost from $85.00 AUD (dependents under 18 years of age) to $170AUD (dependents over 18 years of age).

To check the Government visa application charge please access

Visa Conditions and Duration for Subclass 461

Once your 461 Visa application is granted, you will be entitled to:

461 visa renewing and relationship breakdown

You can renew your visa, even if your relationship with the Special Category visa holder has ended provided that:

461 visa to permanent residency

There are no permanent residency visa options linking to the subclass 461 visa, unless you meet the specific requirements under other visa stream, such as skilled visa and/or employer sponsored visa.

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