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Australian Working Holiday

A Working Holiday in Australia is a great experience and offers the chance to really live the Australian lifestyle!

The Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa program was created to foster closer ties and cultural exchange between Australia and partner countries, with emphasis on young adults. It has been in existence since 1975.This visa lets people 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) – except for Canadian and Irish citizens up to 35 (inclusive) – to apply for a working holiday in Australia.

The WHM visa program is comprised of the Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa and the Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa programs. Partner countries encompass 42 partner nations and regions from across the globe.

Of the 42 partner countries, 19 are Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa arrangements, and 23 are Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangements. The key differences between the two visas are that Work and Holiday visa arrangements generally have caps on the number of visas granted annually and additional eligibility requirements.

The Working Holiday visa allows you to:

Australian Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa and Work and Holiday (subclass 462) Basic Requirements

Further Requirements for Work and Holiday (subclass 462)

Work and Holiday visa applicants must meet additional requirements, which may (or may not) include:

Working Holiday Visa Eligible Countries

Country Working Holiday (subclass 417) Work and Holiday (subclass 462)
Argentina X
Austria X
Bangladesh X
Belgium X
Canada X
Chile X
China X
Czech Republic X
Cyprus, Republic of X
Denmark X
Estonia X
Finland X
France X
Germany X
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
(including British National Overseas passport holders)
Hungary X
Indonesia X
Ireland, Republic of X
Israel X
Italy X
Japan X
Korea, Republic of X
Luxembourg X
Malaysia X
Malta X
Netherlands X
Norway X
Peru X
Poland X
Portugal X
San Marino X
Singapore X
Slovak Republic X
Slovenia X
Spain X
Sweden X
Taiwan X
Thailand X
Turkey X
Uruguay X
United Kingdom X
Vietnam X

Countries with which Australia is currently negotiating new Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangements (as at 30 June 2018) :

Andorra Mexico
Brazil Monaco
Croatia Mongolia
Fiji Philippines
India Solomon Islands
Latvia Switzerland

How long does it take to obtain a Working Holiday Visa?

The updated processing times are available on

Second Working Holiday Visa

To apply for a second Working Holiday, you must:

If you are already in Australia, and wish to remain onshore, you should apply for a second Working Holiday visa before your first Working Holiday visa expires.


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