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Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)

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Global Talent Independent Program (GTI) is for highly skilled workers from target sectors to boost the Australian economy.

This is a permanent visa that does not require a job offer or a Sponsor in Australia. Moreover, it allows you and your family to live and work anywhere in Australia indefinitely.

What are the Points Mark for Global Talent?

Global Talent Visa Program is not a points-tested visa scheme, candidates need to be nominated by an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an Australian organization, who can endorse the candidates’ internationally recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievements

Number of Places for Global Talent Independent Visa

15,000 places are available for the Global talent Independent Visa for the 2021-2022 financial year.

Visa Subclass for Global Talent Visa

The Department no longer accepts 124 visa applications, 858 is the only visa subclass under the global talent visa scheme.

Eligibility for Global Talent Independent Program (GTI)

To be granted a visa under the Global Talent Visa Program, a candidate must:

Age Requirements for Global Talent Visa

There is also no age limit for applicants. However, if an applicant is aged below 18 or above 55, an exceptional benefit to the Australian community needs to be established.

Steps Involved in Applying for Distinguished Talent Visa (GTI)

  1. Submit an expression of interest (EOI)
    If you meet the program parameters, you will receive a unique identifier.
  2. Secure a nominator
  3. Apply for the visa via ImmiAccount.


As part of the application, you must be nominated by an eligible individual or organisation with a national reputation in your field. The nominator will endorse your achievements and international standing. They are not required to provide you with employment in Australia.

Whilst it can be difficult for a candidate to find a nominator if you have not worked or studied and do not have established networks in Australia, endorsement by the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy can be possible in limited circumstances. The candidates will need to demonstrate their likely significant contribution to the Australian economy if granted a subclass 858 visa.

Global Talent Visa Processing Time

From our experience, the Subclass 858 visa can be granted in as little as a couple of days upon submission for those highly skilled and talented; however, the Department indicates standard processing time for a subclass 858 visa can take from 73 days to 3 months.

Global Talent Visa Australia Cost

There are no government charges for submitting an EOI; visa application charges are currently: $4,180 for primary applicant; $2,095 for each secondary applicant aged 18 or above; $1,045 for each secondary applicant aged under 18.

Applicants who are at least 18 at time of the application and don’t have functional English skills need to pay for second instalment to satisfy the English skills requirement for visa grant. The costs are $4,890 for each eligible applicant.

English Requirements for Global Talent Visa

Functional English skills are required for each applicant aged 18 or above at time of visa application. Applicants need to pay a second instalment fee if they do not meet the minimum English skills threshold, prior to visa grant.

Duration and Conditions

Once you receive your Permanent Residency through Global Talent, you are entitled to:


Can I include Family Members on my visa application?

Yes, members of the family unit can be included in the same visa application.

Do I need a travel Exemption if I was granted a Global talent Visa?

Individuals granted a visa under the Global Talent Visa Program will automatically obtain a travel exemption to enter Australia during our current international border closures, caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Becoming an Australian Citizen

After four years of residing in Australia, you may be eligible for Australian citizenship.

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