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Parent Visas (Temporary and Permanent Options)

So you’ve migrated to Australia and now you wish to have your parents join you.

Australia has both temporary and permanent options for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to help them migrate to Australia.

Visitor visas (Temporary)

For many people, a permanent parent visa may be out of reach financially as well as practicality when it comes to the lengthy processing times of non-contributory parent visas.

A visitor visa may be a fast and inexpensive alternative to bring parents to spend time with family in Australia. Longer validity visitor visas are available for parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens.

Parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens currently have the option of using the Visitor (Subclass 600) visa stream to spend time with their children, which enable longer stays in Australia of up to 12 months in any 18 month period.

Parent Visa (Permanent)

The Parent Visa enables parents of children who are Australian citizens or permanent residents to be sponsored for temporary or permanent residence in Australia.

The Parent visa migration programme is capped and queued, some visa types have a long processing time of up to 30 years. Your application will be processed in the order in which they are lodged.

Primary requirements

Further Criteria for Contributory Aged Parent visa

Parent Visa Categories

There are currently six classes of Parent visas which fall into two major categories – non-contributory and contributory. They may also be classified on the basis of an applicant’s age; and temporary and permanent residence.

The major difference between Contributory and Non- Contributory Parent Visa
There are two pathways for permanent residency for parents:  ‘non-contributory’ and ‘contributory’.  The non-contributory Visa has a much longer processing time although attracts a lower Government application charge. The contributory parent visa can be processed a lot sooner but the application charge is far greater.

There is however an option to spread the costs for the contributory parent visa over two stages.  The first stage is where the provisional visa is applied for which is approved for a period of two years. The second stage of the application is applied for prior to the provisional visa expiring, where you can apply for the permanent stage, paying the balance of the fees.

Applicants would generally look at applying for a permanent contributory parent visa within the 2-year validity of the visa. The total cost of applying is approximately the same as a permanent contributory parent visa, but it is split over two visa applications.

Contributory Parent and Aged Parent Visa Non-Contributory Parent visa
Processing time 24 – 36 months Processing time  20+ years
Visa Application Charges
Base Application Charge – $3855
Base Application Contribution – $43600
Visa Application Charges
Base Application charge – $4035
Second Instalment – $2065

Parent Visa Success Story

Angela & Richard

Contributory Parent Visa

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