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Partner Visa for Same-Sex Couples

Now that same-sex marriages are recognised under Australian law, it is possible to apply for a partner visa on the basis of marriage. Under the Marriage Act notice of 30 days must be given before a marriage can take place in Australia.

Overseas same-sex marriages are now recognised providing they are recognised in the country where they take place.

Same-sex couples have the same visa pathways under partner visa stream, such as: prospective marriage visa, subclass 820/801 visa and subclass 309/100 visa.

This new legislation will also make it easier to include partners as secondary dependents in a number of other visa pathways. Previously, you could only include a same-sex partner if you can establish that you are in a de facto relationship. Married couples can now be included as dependents in a variety of permanent and temporary visa applications such as student visas, provisional skilled and business migration visas.

Same Sex Partner Visa Success Story

Ian & Malcom

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