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Resident Return Visa

The Resident Return visa (subclass 155) is a permanent visa for current or former Australian permanent residents and former Australian citizens. This visa will allow you to maintain or regain your status as an Australian permanent resident.

If you want to return to Australia after your current visa expires, you should apply for a visa before you leave Australia.

Only Australian citizens have an automatic right of entry to Australia. If you hold a permanent visa you have the right to remain in Australia indefinitely, however, if you choose to travel outside Australia, you must ensure you have the authority to return. Generally, a permanent visa will allow the holder to travel into Australia for up to five years from the date of grant.


Government Fees for Resident Return Visa

AUD405 for each applicant if you apply online
AUD485 for each applicant if you apply on paper

Duration and Conditions

Travel validity will vary depending on your circumstances:

Becoming an Australian citizen

After a certain time, you might be eligible for Australian citizenship.

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