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Book a consultation with one of our registered migration agents to check your eligibility for an Australian Partner Visa. To be considered eligible, you must be in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Visa. To book a paid consultation, please fill in the form and we’ll be in contact shortly!

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About Migration Downunder

Established in 1999, Migration Downunder handles a variety of visas, citizenship applications including complex scenarios and appeals for individuals, families and employers from around the world.

We aim to simplify what can often be a long and daunting process, by providing step by step guidance tailored to each client.

Our success has come from delivering positive immigration outcomes together with the high standard of customer service that Applicants desire.

About your consultation

Eligibility assessment

The purpose of our consultations is to provide you with clear advice in relation to any available visa pathways for you. At times, there may not be an immediate pathway available, however, our registered migration agents will ensure all avenues are considered and provide clear advice for any future pathways also.

What to expect

During the consultation you will receive:
• Advice on the visa pathways which are available to you
• An assessment of your likely eligibility for each option
• Benefits and disadvantages of each option
• Outline of the main stages in the application process
• Indicative processing time and cost for each option

After the consultation, you will receive a summary of your Consultation by email.

Our consultation fees

Our consultations are a paid service, the cost is A$385 (include GST ) and it is payable prior to your appointment.

The consultation can take up to 60 minutes.

What if I want to proceed with Migration Downunder services?

Should you opt to book and pay for an initial consultation and then proceed with utilising our services to complete and lodge your application, we deduct A$350.00 from the full fee. This is only applicable if you sign up within three months of the consultation. Remember you are paying for our expertise and knowledge and not for administration services as we do so much more than just complete application forms.

Our fees represent the level of service we provide and the length and depth our experience.


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