Celebrating Australia’s Newest Citizens

Written by Julie Williams | MARN 9903637 | Published 23 January 2024

Celebrating our newest Citizens on the 75th Anniversary of Australian Citizenship

Australia Day marks the 75th Anniversary of Australian Citzenship which first occurred on 26 January 1949.  We also like to recognise and celebrate Australia’s newest citizens which Migration Downunder have assisted in achieving their end goal of Australian citizenship.

75 Years of Australian Citizenship

For 75 years, Australia has been extending the hand of citizenship to individuals seeking a new beginning.

The Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 came into effect on 26 January 1949, effectively creating what we now know as Australian Citizens. Since then, we have welcomed over 6 million new citizens to our shores, celebrating not only the cultural diversity that enriches our nation but also the shared commitment to building a better future together.

Why become an Australian Citizen?

Becoming an Australian Citizen offers numerous privileges compared to having Permanent Residency (PR).

Some benefits of becoming an Australian Citizen are:

  • the right to participate in civic life through voting & take up positions within public office
  • the ability to apply for an Australian passport for international travel
  • Travel freely to over 180 countries without the need of a visa
  • Citizenship can be passed onto your children

If the prospect of Australian Citizenship resonates with you and you’re considering taking this significant step, we invite you to explore the possibilities. You may benefit from booking a consultation to gain an understanding on pathways to citizenship, just as we’ve done for many others.

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Comments from our New Australian Citizens Migration Downunder Has Helped:

Vincent says, “Migration Downunder is so helpful in the process of applying our Australian citizenship. The professional and friendly staffs are always at your side to guide you. So the whole process is very efficient and smooth. I will highly recommend our friends and anyone who has immigration affairs to go for Migration Downunder.”

Trevor notes, “I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with MDU. They did an excellent job of explaining the steps involved in applying for citizenship and were very quick to respond to any questions that I had. The instructions I received from them were very easy to follow and they provided me with helpful resources to prepare me for my citizenship test and interview.”

Geoff writes, “Migration Downunder has helped me achieve all of my goals and dreams. Working with Alice over the past 5 years has been life changing, she made each step of the immigration process clear and always communicated in language that I could understand. The whole Migration Downunder team has helped support her and my applications and I honestly feel that I would not have gained citizenship without their help. A big thank you to everyone at Migration Downunder for their belief and support over the years!”

Nick says, “My journey with Migration Downunder began in 2020 and since then, my goal for Citizenship and Passport is achieved. Working with Julie, Nathan, and rest of the Team, was seamless, transparent and easy to communicate. Definitely my application was in good hands! at the end of the day, it came down to a matter of, when. Have no regrets engaging Migration Downunder. Totally recommend.”

Before any immigration advice can be provided, we must hold an initial consultation which will attract a fee of $385.

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