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Changes to Employer Sponsored Visas

Changes to Subclass 186 Visa

From 16 November 2019, it will no longer be possible for Employer Sponsored 186 (TRT) applicants to rely on five years of full-time English to be exempt from the English language requirement.

All primary 186 TRT applicants will be required to provide a valid English test that proves ‘Competent’ English or be the holder of a valid UK, Ireland, Canada or USA passport.

Changes to Subclass 187 Visa

From 16 November 2019, the Subclass 187 Direct Entry is closed to new applications.

Any pending nomination, that hasn’t been finalised, or wasn’t accompanied with a valid Subclass 187 visa application on or before 16 November 2019 will have been withdrawn.

The Subclass 187 RSMS (TRT) pathway to permanent residency is still available for those 457 and TSS 482 visa holders who have worked for your employer, in a regional area, for a minimum three years.

Study exemption for the English language is still available to RSMS 187 (TRT) applicants.

Regional postcodes for the purpose of the 187 visa can be found at the Department of Home Affairs.


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