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Corinna Kriegeskorte

Name: Corinna Kriegeskorte
From: Germany
Title: Clients Service Manager

My name is Corinna and I am a Clients Service Manager here at Migration Downunder.

Growing up in Germany I had the opportunity to visit a range of different countries in Europe including the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland and many more.

Traveling overseas had always been my biggest dream. In 2016 I made it come true!  I quit my job, rented out my apartment and bought a backpack. My passion for traveling brought me all the way to the other side of the world – to Australia. With only a working holiday visa in my pocket and one night of accommodation booked I started my big adventure. Traveling all by myself, I had to face a lot of challenges along the way which provided me with a variety of new experiences.

The thing I loved most about being a backpacker was making friends with people from all over the world and learning about different countries, cultures and all kinds of life stories. Travelling is an expensive privilege – therefore I was always looking for work along the way. Being a curious and open-minded person, I was ready to jump into the deep end and take positions I had never ever done before.  As a volunteer on an organic farm in Queensland, I was picking zucchinis and feeding pigs and chickens every day. I am proud to say I became part of an Australian farm family that I am still in touch with today. In order to learn more about the Aussie lifestyle and to continue improving my English skills, I started working as a Nanny for a family in Perth where I looked after a baby and a toddler.

Of course, I ended up falling in love with the extremely friendly and open people in Australia as well as the laid-back lifestyle. And I also fell in love with an Australian… After a long period of separation as my working holiday visa expired, he came to see me in Germany and proposed to me right at the airport in Munich. I am very lucky to now finally be together with my loving husband and start building our lives together here in Australia – all thanks to my migration dream coming true. Working here at Migration Downunder I now have the privilege to help others achieve the same and make their dreams come true.


I am passionate about different cultures; I love traveling and exploring new countries and trying different foods. Since I was little, I also loved dancing and music. In my spare time, I love going to concerts and checking out festivals.

What’s your favourite thing about working in MD?

Diversity, Empathy, Professionalism – these are the main attributes that come to my mind when describing our work environment. Here at Migration Downunder I immediately felt comfortable and part of the team from the first day onwards. We are an extremely professional operation, but at the same time we ensure every single client receives personal care. We never forget the person behind every story.

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