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Frequently Asked Questions About Migrating to Australia

Find here the answers to some of your questions regarding Immigration to Australia.

Do I need a visa for Australia?

Yes you do, unless you are a New Zealand citizen for which you will be issued a visa upon entry into Australia.

Can I work in Australia?

Only if you have been granted a visa that provides work rights.

How Can I Migrate to Australia?

Australia's permanent Migration Program incorporates economic and family migration and is the main pathway to permanent residence. It includes the Skill stream, Family stream and Special Eligibility visas.

What sort of visa do I apply for?

It’s dependent on your individual circumstances and what you wish to achieve.  Skilled migration requires you have the relevant qualifications and experience in an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List

Is there an Age Limit?

This is dependent on the type of visa you are applying for.  For skilled applicants applying for permanent residence you must be under 45 years of age.  There is no age restriction for partner visas.

For New Zealand citizens applying for Subclass 189 New Zealand Stream visa, there is no age restriction.

Is English Language Skills necessary for Australian Immigration?

Yes, if you are applying for a skilled visa.  Not required for family migration.

How Long will it take to Process my Visa Application?

We cannot advise you on this if you have lodged your own visa.  If you are a client of ours, we will provide you with advice on current processing time frames.

You can check the processing times here:

Can you help me find a job in Australia?

No, we cannot assist with this. However, WorkinAus is a company that can help link you with an employer who is seeking to sponsor a skilled worker.

Can you help me find a course/school in Australia?

We are not an education agent.  We can only provide advice on your student visa once you’ve secured enrolment into a course.

Insiders Guides is a company that may be able to assist further.

Do I need a Registered Migration Agent to assist with the application of my visa?

No; you can apply for an Australian visa on your own.  However, there are frequent changes to immigration legislation throughout the year and a Registered Migration Agent can guide you through the eligibility requirements saving you money in avoiding delays and possible refusal.

Do I need a Lawyer?

Not unless you are required to go to Court.  A Registered Migration Agent can often be more qualified than a lawyer especially if the lawyer has no qualifications or hasn’t studied Australian migration law.

Why Do Consultancy Fees vary between Registered Migration Agents?

It can be down to expertise, seniority, location and urgency. You get what you pay for and quality doesn’t necessarily come cheaply.

Can I apply for Australian citizenship?

Find out if you are eligible and what you need to do to become an Australian citizen.

Would you like to know more about your prospects for a visa?

Eligibility is the most important step in determining whether a person may meet the legal criteria for a visa application and one consultation could save you money.

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