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Good News for Section 48 Barred Skilled Workers

From 13 November 2021, those who have had visas refused or cancelled whilst onshore and are affected by Section 48, will be able to lodge a visa application for the following skilled sponsored visas without having to leave Australia.

The idea behind the amendment is to facilitate applications in Australia by skilled applicants who are prevented from leaving due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Does Section 48 Barred Mean?

If you have had a visa cancelled or refused whilst you are not the holder of a Substantive Visa (for example you may be on a Bridging Visa A or C), then you are what is referred to as ‘section 48 barred’.

Under a Section 48 bar you are generally prevented (or barred) from lodging a further visa application whilst in Australia.  There are very limited exceptions to this rule.

You are not necessarily section 48 barred by receiving a refusal in Australia. If you continue to hold a substantive visa whilst you have another visa application refused, then you will continue to hold that visa and the Section 48 bar will not apply to you.

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