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Hemant Verma

“We are planning to move to Australia” – when I heard these words from my parents in Sept 2009, I didn’t really know what life had in store for me.

I am Saarthak  9 years old – born in New Delhi – lived in Mumbai – enjoy tennis , roller skating and swimming.  While we were packing our stuff from Mumbai, I had a few questions in my mind – which school will I go to? What about friends? My tennis coach and my cousins!!!

My parents would often discuss about when the visa would come – the 457 visa …I wondered why it’s not called 4..5..6, that would have been more logical from my Maths knowledge.

I arrived in Australia in Nov 2009 with my parents and younger brother Samarth.  The first few days were full of new discoveries and challenges.  I didn’t get the food I was used to and parents were always busy looking for house, school, etc etc etc

I remember missing Mumbai and India big time in my 1st week.  But I also slowly started to notice that Australia was a beautiful country…very green, disciplined traffic and lots of sporting activities happening around me. My happy moment came when my parents enrolled me into swimming and tennis classes – I pretty much took off from where I left it back in India. From there on, life moved very quickly – school started and I noticed that I was amongst students from so many different countries – India, China, England, Middle East – all calling themselves as proud Australians.  I don’t remember when, but I quickly made many friends.

In few months’ time, my grandparents came to visit us and they told me something had never really realized – that I had picked up a distinct Aussie ascent. I guess it just comes naturally to me now. I love the fact that I can speak my mother tongue Hindi and the Aussie English.

Life has moved quickly for me and my little brother Samarth. We enjoy going places –  Harbour and Opera – ferry to Manly – Bondi and Bronte beach, Sydney towers, Zoo, Aquarium – its all amazing. We went to Dubbo last year and I experienced the country life and found it very cool. I love being in Australia. It’s given me new friends, some really nice sporting facilities and a very beautiful  city to live in. My parents told me in Sept 2011 that we are now Permanent Residents in Australia and I feel great about that.

I Love you Australia

Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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