How Much Is Your Love Worth?

We like to believe that when someone falls in love nothing can stand in the way of two people staying together.

When it comes to falling in love with someone from overseas it adds another layer of complexity where partners can be miles apart and separated for long periods of time. This can put relationships under added extra pressure and lead to anxiety.

Partner Visa applications make up around 30% of all the applications lodged with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (‘AAT’) for review. This means that there are a large number of partner visas that are refused and seek an appeal of the decision to refuse.

Over 46% of those decisions are ‘set aside’, meaning that the relationships are found to be genuine. The visa applicants, however, did not know how to present their relationships clearly to the Australian government and were unaware of the myriad of hidden dangers.

It only takes one simple mistake

Sally, originally from Scotland, has established a comfortable life for her and her family in Sydney setting up her own business as well as embarking on starting a family with her long-term partner Kylie.

Sally initially applied for a partner visa, based on being in a de-facto relationship, on her own accord and was granted her 820 provisional visa.

When it came for Sally to become eligible for permanent residency, the notification of her eligibility from the then Department of Immigration went through to her junk mail. Not once but twice; the second time was to advise her 820 visa had been cancelled due to a lack of response to the first email!

Migration Downunder met Sally and Kylie after twelve months of struggling to obtain the outcome they were seeking. Through effective and accurate advice, we were able to provide the correct pathway in ceasing their immigration nightmare and having Sally’s permanent residency granted within eight weeks of lodgement.

Receiving Inaccurate Advice

Valeria, originally from Brazil, found herself alone with only a backpack in Bali and a three year ban due to incorrect advice.

This found Valeria separated from her partner for over two years which caused much distress to both her and her Australian partner, Ben.

Migration Downunder assisted Valeria, whilst she was offshore, at the same meeting with Ben here in Australia. We are pleased to advise that Valeria and Ben, after two years of being apart, have resumed life together in Australia.

Lessons Learnt

The government application fee, alone, is a financial burden to Partner Visa applicants, and it often feels like there is little left to seek professional advice. Often money spent on professional advice saves you in the long run avoiding additional costs and delays.

When making a decision for such an important aspect of your life, you can’t base your decision only about price. You must choose an experienced agent who are able to deliver the outcome you dream about. Otherwise you can end up like me!
Being reunited with my partner after two and half long years has no price!


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