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Immigration New Zealand Covid Update

Entry to New Zealand from all Countries, including Australia, remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Quarantine-free travel from Australia to New Zealand is currently suspended.

Immigration New Zealand is operating under Alert Level 4 lockdown requirements and as such Immigration offices are currently closed and most staff are working remotely.

Alert Level 4 restrictions impact Immigration New Zealand’s ability to process paper applications and as such, these cannot be processed during current alert levels.

Immigration New Zealand continues to be able to process the following online applications:

An official Covid-19 information website has been specifically made to provide up to date information for all:

Critical Purpose Reasons for travel to New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand have suspended visa processing for most individuals who are outside New Zealand, unless you meet the strict border exception criteria.

You can only request a border exception to allow you to travel to New Zealand if one of these critical purpose reasons applies to you:

Do you fall within the ‘Other Critical Worker’ category?

Employers and supporting agencies can request to bring workers into New Zealand if they are deemed ‘other critical workers’.  Requests for approval of critical workers must be made by employers, not the individual worker.

Currently holding an Essential Skills work visa is not enough to qualify as an ‘other critical worker’.

Temporary postponement of visa programs

Immigration New Zealand has currently postponed the following visas:

Travel conditions extended for New Zealand Resident Visa holders overseas

Border restrictions mean that many people who were granted a resident visa have been unable to travel to or return to New Zealand before the travel conditions on their visa expire.

Those who hold a resident visa with travel conditions set to expire between 25 August 2021 and 10 September 2022 and were outside New Zealand on 22 August 2021 will have their travel conditions extended to 11 September 2022.

Partners and Dependent Children

Partners and dependent children of temporary visa holders who are currently outside New Zealand may be eligible to travel to New Zealand.   You are required to meet the criteria for one of the above critical purpose reasons and currently hold a visa or held a relationship-based visa on 19 March 2020 with an expired first entry date due to an inability to travel.

Australian Citizens or permanent residents who are outside New Zealand and are currently living in a genuine and stable relationship for over 12 months with a New Zealand Citizen or resident can request to travel to New Zealand based on your relationship.

If you hold a passport from a country on the visa-waiver countries list and are currently living in a genuine and stable relationship for over 12 months with a New Zealand Citizen or resident, you may be able to apply for a visitor visa.

If you are a partner, dependent child, or legal guardian of a New Zealand citizen or resident and you do not hold a visa based on this relationship, you may still be able to travel to New Zealand however, you must be traveling with your New Zealand citizen or resident family member or normally live in New Zealand.

Further information can be found at:


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