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Upcoming Immigration Webinars

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Family Migration Webinar – Thursday 11th January 2024

Catch up with the recording of our Family Migration Webinar to stay informed.

Watch the recording here!

Partner Visa Webinar – Thursday 18th January 2024

Stay informed with the recording of our information session on Partner Visas and explore the opportunities available to you.

Watch the recording here!


Skilled Visa Webinar – Monday 27th November 2023

We’ve provided a wrap-up of the changes that occurred on the 25th of November as well as information about the 2023/24 General Skilled Migration program.

Watch the recording here!


Stay up to date with the latest online Immigration webinars run by Migration Downunder covering immigration and moving to Australia.

Please note that the slides from the presentation are proprietary in nature and we are not able to send you a copy of them due to IP and risk management considerations.

If you have any questions or need details on any of our webinars, please contact us for assistance

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