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Jean Laurent

Temporary 457 Visa & Employer Nomination Scheme

I’m from France, I work as Continuous Improvement Engineer, I have 4 years of experience in France and 3.5 years in Australia.

In 2008, my professional career was stuck because I didn’t speak English at all (read, writing and listening too), despite my 11 years of English in school my level was close to zero. So I decided to quit my job and to do a trip to Australia because it is far from France (not easy to give up), rugby union is played (not everywhere in Australia unfortunately), reputation to be a friendly country and of course easy to get a Working holiday visa, but with the idea to stay 1 year (no more).

So I came and I started to meet people which I had in contact who helped me to find fruit picking jobs, and of course I started to learn English.

Then, because my resume is good and because a person, I know, talked about me to a company, I found a Continuous Improvement Engineer job in Brisbane.

During this period, I started to love Australia and to think it could be a good country to live, sunshine, friendly people, lifestyle…. But I decided to go back in France.

However in France I had just one idea to go back in Australia. Then after 6 months, I received a phone call for a job opportunity in Victoria in the same company to the one in Brisbane, of course I said yes. I did a Temporary Working visa and now I have got a Permanent Resident through Employer Nomination Schemevisa, it is clear my next step is to get a citizenship.

I hope Australia would give me opportunity to improve my professional career which it was stuck due to my English. Moreover in last 3 years I didn’t travel too much, due to different reasons, so I believe I will try to discover the beauty of this country (hopefully it will be my new one).

Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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