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Madhurima Nelapudi

Name: Madhurima Nelapudi
From: India
Title: Case Manager

My name is Madhurima and I am a Case Manager here at Migration Downunder.

Having also migrated myself, I have first hand experience with the process of migration having moved from India leaving my family behind to travel to the United States due to my husband’s work. After three years in the United States, my husband’s work brought us to Australia. The sun, beaches, and friendly people influenced our decision to call Australia home. I feel fortunate to live here.


I enjoy traveling, listening to music, watching movies, cooking and spending time with my family.

What does your role entail at MD?

My role as a Case Manager is to work closely with and support the Migration Agents and to ensure all of our client’s applications, forms and evidence are compiled to Migration Downunder’s strict standards. I have a keen eye for detail and process which ensures that all documentation produced meets or exceeds the Australian government’s requirements.

What were you doing before joining MD?

Prior to joining Migration Downunder, I was working in a similar role in another migration agency. I have been working in the area of migration since 2014.

What’s your favourite thing about working in MD?

I have recently joined Migration Downunder and all the staff were sure to make me comfortable. The team here are friendly, professional and caring.

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