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Migrating to Australia as a nurse

I am a registered nurse and Australia is one of the best places one can work as a nurse. Also, I always love to live in a multicultural environment so that’s why I chose to come here.

What were your first impressions about Australia?

I liked it from the first minute I got here. I have found Australian people warm and welcoming.

When and why did you make the decision to live here permanently? After I have got my registration and I found a job in a nice hospital, I decided to stay permanently.

What were you looking for in a Migration Agent?

I started looking on the internet and I have found different agencies. I contacted them and I came to the conclusion to continue with Migration Downunder. I have found Julie very kind and honest after I contacted her. She was so patient and she always answered my emails promptly and I knew she can help me to get my Permanent Residency (General Independent Visa subclass 189).

After you had your visa approved, how has it changed your ability to find a job?

Of course one has a better chance to get a good job in Australia when she/he has permanent residency. Not all employer is willing to get a working visa for their employees. So I feel I have more job opportunities now compared to the time I was on a working visa.

How else has it affected your everyday life in Australia?

I have got peace of mind as I should not be worried about visa issue any more.

What are your future plans in Australia (Work, family – maybe bring your parents to live here,…)?

I like to continue my job as a RN in Australia and advance my career. I would love to travel more in Australia and explore more about this amazing land.

If you had to advise someone about Migrating to Australia, what advice would you give?

I have been to different countries in Europe and in the Middle East. I have to say Australia is an ideal place to live permanently.

Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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