New Zealand Investor & Entrepreneur Visas

Investors and entrepreneurs with capital, experience and international connections are what New Zealand want!

Investor Visas

Investment Visa categories are for people who want to obtain residence in New Zealand. This Visa is divided into two categories – Investor Plus and Investor

Investor Visa is an option if you plan to invest a minimum of NZ$3 million over a four-year period.

You require a minimum of 3 years of business experience, have the required English language level and be 65 years or young.

If you have NZ$10 million to invest then the Investor Plus is the category for you.

Entrepreneur categories

Entrepreneur categories provide a pathway to a residence for migrants who can demonstrate they have been actively participating in their business and contributing to New Zealand’s economic development.

Most people start out on an Entrepreneur Work Visa, which allows you to move to New Zealand and buy or establish a business.  After either six months or two years you can apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category.

The three-year work visa is structured in two stages:

  • Start-Up Stage, if your application is approved you will initially be given a twelve-month work visa enabling you to buy or establish your business in New Zealand
  • Balance stage, once you have proven that you have taken steps to establish your business, you’re granted the remaining 24 months of your visa

Entrepreneur Residence Category (two years) requires you to have successfully established or purchased a business for at least two years and for your business to have significantly benefited New Zealand.

Entrepreneur Residence Category (6 months) provides you with a faster track to a residence if you have invested a minimum of NZ$500,000 in your business and created a minimum of three new full-time jobs for New Zealand citizens or residents.

Temporary retirement category

The Temporary Retirement category provides for people 66 or over to come to New Zealand in their retirement. Applicants must invest at least NZ$750,000 for two years and have NZ$500,000 in maintenance funds, an annual income of at least NZ$60,000 and comprehensive medical insurance. Entry under this category is renewable, subject to these conditions continuing to be met, and to the applicants continuing to meet health and other requirements.

Before any immigration advice can be provided, we must hold an initial consultation which will attract a fee of $385.

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