No Changes to Citizenship Rules

Citizenship applications received on and after 20 April 2017 will continue to be processed under current legislation.

If you lodged an application for citizenship earlier this year, you should receive an email confirming that all applications will be assessed under the rules as they applied prior to 20 April 2017.

On 20 April 2017, the Australian Government announced the strengthening of requirements for Australian citizenship which was going to result in new criteria to be met. What was of most concern to many living in Australia was the residency requirement as a permanent resident extending from one year to four years and the requirement of an English language test.

The proposed bill was defeated in the Senate which will have come as a great relief to many permanent residents. This means that your application will be assessed against the existing eligibility criteria for Australian citizenship.

Further information about the existing eligibility criteria for Australian citizenship is available on our Australian Citizenship page.
Processing of all applications will re-commence as we understand they were put on hold following the announcement on 20 April.

Actual processing times can vary due to individual circumstances and the number of applications received at any given time. The government generally process applications in the order they are received and there are currently a significant number of citizenship applications to be processed.

As of 16 October 2017 the Department of Immigration’s website states that applications based on conferral are taking anywhere between 10-14 months from lodgement to ceremony.

Changes may affect applications lodged on or after 1 July 2018, so we recommend you apply for citizenship prior to this date if possible.

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