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Northside Fabrications & Daltex

Northside Fabrications and Daltex Industries are two businesses located on the Northern Beaches in Sydney operated by John Mellowes.

Northside and Daltex provide, steel & stainless steel fabricated equipment to numerous industries.

Over the years both companies have sponsored temporary and permanent employees from overseas.

John Mellowes, Managing Director, finds that overseas workers coming to Australia from a trade background have good work ethics and no sense of entitlement.

They work hard and are appreciative of the opportunity given to them at the same time John is grateful to have staff who are happy to be working and are skilled at their trade.

Their English skills are often better than what is required for the job and they assimilate well into the workforce.

The overseas employees have come from the USA, Brazil, Philippines and Turkey.

When recruiting for tradesmen in Australia John Mellowes says that there are generally two types of men looking for positions:

Those who become tradesmen, if they stop and look at their hourly rate, working conditions and lifestyle it is often more favourable than bankers and professionals working long hours in the city.

Roberto Albrenica works for Daltex Industries as a Welder and obtained permanent residency through the Employer Nomination Scheme over a year ago and has recently applied for Australian citizenship.

His eldest daughter is finishing Year 12 this year and is hoping to study engineering at university.

Divino Rodriguez has four children, is a welder on a temporary 457 visa from the Philippines and is currently going through the process of applying for permanent residency through the ENS with Northside Fabrications.

Both men say that permanent residency gives their family stability and an opportunity to plan for their future. Roberto and Divino are very happy and proud of their children who have embraced the Australian way of life and are working very hard at school with the future looking bright.

Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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