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New Zealand Business Migration

New Zealand’s business migration policies are designed to contribute to economic growth. The aim is to attract ‘smart’ capital and business expertise, and enable experienced business people to buy or establish businesses in New Zealand.

The business migration policies provide for “Residence – Migrant Investor” and “Entrepreneur”. All applicants must meet INZ health and character requirements.

Foreign nationals can, of course, invest in New Zealand without requiring citizenship or permanent residence.

Migrant Investment categories

Migrant Investment Visa categories are for people who want to obtain residence in New Zealand. This Visa is divided into two categories – Investor Plus and Investor.

The Investor Plus category requires applicants to invest a minimum of NZ$10 million in New Zealand over three years, and to spend at least 20 % of each of the last 2 years of the investment period in new Zealand (73 days per year).

The Investor category requires applicants to invest NZ$1.5 million over four years, bring NZ$1 million in settlement funds and to spend at least 40 % of each of the last three years of the investment each year (146 days per year) in New Zealand. Investor category applicants must be 65 or under, have at least three years’ business experience and either have an English-speaking background or show they are a competent speaker of English.

Entrepreneur categories

Entrepreneur categories provide a pathway to residence for migrants who can demonstrate they have been actively participating in their business and contributing to New Zealand’s economic development.

The categories are made up of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Plus.

The Entrepreneur category is for people who have successfully established a business in New Zealand and have been self-employed in that business for at least two years. Applicants in this category work towards residence under a Long Term Business Visa.

The Entrepreneur Plus category provides a faster track to residence for people who have successfully established and run a business and invested at least $500,000, and created a minimum of three new full-time jobs for New Zealand citizens or residents. Successful applicants can be granted conditional residence once they have made their required investment and created three full-time jobs. Their residence is confirmed after two years.

Temporary retirement category

The Temporary Retirement category provides for people 66 or over to come to New Zealand in their retirement. Applicants must invest at least $750,000 for two years and have $500,000 in maintenance funds, an annual income of at least $60,000 and comprehensive medical insurance. Entry under this category is renewable, subject to these conditions continuing to be met, and to the applicants continuing to meet health and other requirements.


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