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Options for Parents to Reunite with their Children in Australia

Father’s Day – Parent Visas 

With Father’s Day not far away, in Australia, many residents in Australia are reminded of the distance between themselves and their parents.

Australia offers several different options for parents to reunite with their children who reside in Australia and dependent on your individual circumstances will determine the best option for you.

Permanent Parent Visa

A permanent visa option allows parents to live in Australia if the ‘balance of family’ test is met, that is, they have at least half their children living permanently and lawfully in Australia as Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents, one of whom will sponsor the parents.

There are two options for parents to apply for permanent residency: contributory or non-contributory and dependent on your age will determine whether you are eligible to apply from inside Australia.

The main difference between the contributory and non-contributory options is that the contributory costs significantly more; however, processing is quicker, whereby the non-contributory costs less, but you can wait 15-20 years before the application is assessed and finalised.

Sponsored Temporary Parent Visa (Subclass 870)

The Subclass 870 visa is a temporary visa that allows a parent of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to visit Australia for up to three (3) or five (5) years.

You must have an approved Parent Sponsor before you can lodge an application for this visa and lodge the visa application within six (6) months of the sponsorship approval.

The sponsor must have a minimum taxable income of $83,454, which can be a combined income with your partner.  A maximum of two parents per household can be sponsored.

Tourist Visa (Subclass 600)

For many, the permanent parent visa can be too expensive and takes too long, or parents may not have the balance of family living in Australia. As parents of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you are entitled to apply for a three-year multiple-entry visa that allows for you to stay in Australia for a period of up to 12 months in any 18-month period.


Unlocking the Criteria for Parent Visas

The Balance-of-Family Test

The Balance of Family Test is crucial for Permanent Parent Visa applicants. It requires the parent(s) to have at least half of their children living permanently and lawfully in Australia as permanent residents or citizens.

Assurance of Support

Permanent visa categories require an Assurance of Support to be provided by an Australian person who will guarantee that the applicants will not claim any social security or, if they do, these amounts will be deducted from the Assurance of Support bond.

Health & Character Requirements

Applicants must undergo health examinations and meet specific character requirements.  As the waiting lists for permanent parent visas extend, it’s difficult to know how a parent’s health may change.  Having a condition that will require significant cost or use of services in short supply will lead to refusal.  There is no health waiver for the permanent visa classes of the Subclass 870 visa.

So, temporary or permanent?  Time or cost?  It’s difficult to decide which pathway to go down.

Migration Downunder can assist you in developing an appropriate avenue to ensure you meet the criteria before starting the process.  We will tailor a strategy that suits you and your family.


As we approach Father’s Day, now is the time to take action and commence the process of reuniting with your parents.

Securing the services of Migration Downunder will be invaluable in ensuring a smooth journey for you and your family.

Published Thu 24 August 2023.


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