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You can find answers to general questions about our company and our services on this page.

  1. What is Migration Downunder’s expertise?

    We have 25-years hands on experience with different occupations dealing with different assessing authorities, visa classes and complex scenarios.

  2. How we can assist you?

    • Eligibility Assessment
      We will undertake an in-depth assessment and provide you with advice on all your visa options, time frames, fees involved and address any areas of concern before starting your visa application.
    • Handle your Application from start to finish
      Our highly experienced agents will provide you with personalised checklists of the supporting evidence required by the Department of Home Affairs for the specific Visa you are applying for to ensure the lodgement of a ‘Decision Ready’ application.
    • Liaise with Assessing Authorities and the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf
      Our services do not stop with the lodgement of your visa application.  Our highly experienced agents will continue to monitor your application and advocate on your behalf where necessary.
    • Application Outcome
      Once your application has been processed, we will continue to support you and ensure that you clearly understand the decision.
  3. How we CANNOT assist you?

    • Although we are experienced in employment sponsorship, we are not able to neither find you a job nor a company willing to sponsor you as this is not our area of expertise. You may wish to visit WorkinAus
    • We can assist you with your Student Visa however we are unable to advise you which course you should study in Australia with the intent to obtain a Permanent Residency.
      There is no guarantee for permanent residency if you studied in Australia as immigration laws change all the time to reflect the government’s objectives with migrant population control. Moreover, we are not able to assist you with the enrolment of your course. You may wish to read then contact a Registered Education Provider in Australia.
    • Unfortunately, if we didn’t lodge your application, we are unable to comment on the status of it, nor are we able to expedite your visa application.
    • We don’t advise on other agents or immigration agencies’ advice.
      We will advise you based on the information and documents you provide to us.
    • We do not provide document checklists and we do not offer a pre-lodgement document checking service during the initial consultation.
      If you intend to lodge your own application rather than use our full visa application service, you may wish to consider other options.
    • We do not do protection visas
      You may wish to access https://www.racs.org.au/ and https://iarc.org.au/
  4. How much do you charge?

    It’s difficult to provide a fee structure when we’re not sure what type of visa you’re eligible for. The fee structure may vary depending on your individual circumstances. We can only provide a quote once you’ve had a consultation with us and we have an understanding of your individual circumstances.

  5. Why do the Migration Agent’s fees vary?

    Fees for Registered Migration Agents can vary due to differences in expertise, seniority, and urgency. For further information please access ‘Everything you need to know about Australian Registered Migration Agents

  6. I am not in Australia; can you still assist me?

    Yes we can! It doesn’t matter where you reside as we assist people from all around the world. We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne but thanks to technology we can have a real conversation through a video conferencing call. The majority of applications are now lodged online alleviating the need for documents to be posted and signatures to be obtained.

Before any immigration advice can be provided, we must hold an initial consultation which will attract a fee of $385.

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