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Patricia Bronizio

Name: Patricia Bronizio
From: Brazil
Title: Digital Marketing Manager

I come from a country where the green of our forests, the yellow of our gold and the blue of our sky are represented in our flag. But it is the diversity of the people and the richness of our culture that lies the greatest treasure. A mixture of different kinds of people of diverse colors and origins, rich and poor; a melting pot of every imaginable religious creed and race. Everyone is so passionate about music, futebol (no it’s not soccer), beaches and carnivals. We welcome visitors with a huge smile and open arms just like the picture perfect image of Christ the Redeemer, which can be found on any other postcard. Yes, I came from Rio de Janeiro where it is summer almost the entire year and people you have just met can become your best friend. But it is also the place of favelas (slums/bad neighbourhoods), crime and corruption. These were the major reasons why I decided to start over somewhere else. Australia proved to be an attractive option for its wonderful climate, job opportunities and security.


Apart from analyses, project management, social media, marketing campaigns, … I like photography, long-walks, cycling, meeting new people and hearing their stories.

What does your role entail at Migration Downunder?

I am the Digital Marketing Manager or the “social geek” at Migration Downunder.

I was hired initially as an IT Professional then took on the position of Digital Marketing Manager.

What were you doing before joining MD?

Before joining Migration Downunder I worked as an Internet Marketing and Web developer Intern at Australia – Ebay’s Company.

What’s your favourite thing about working at MD?

Firstly, I work with a competent and friendly team. I have also the privilege to make part of such an important moment in our client’s lives and witness their joy when they receive Julie’s call saying: ” your visa has just been granted!”.

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