Sean Holland | Citizenship

Having a key person to whom you can direct questions really makes you feel that your application is in good hands.

Seans’s Story – Citizenship

Tell us a little about your background 

My name is Sean and I’m originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and came to Australia in October 2015.  My partner and I worked for a company with an office in Sydney, and though we’d never been to Australia before, we decided to make the big leap to move halfway across the world!  It’s been a great move, allowing us to experience a new culture while exploring a whole different part of the world. 

What made you want to live in Australia permanently?

Australia is wonderfully stable, with a very high quality of life. I work with a team that’s consists of half immigrants from all around the world who’ve decided to make a life here, which represents the diversity and inclusivity of modern Australian life. 

How was your experience with Migration Downunder?

My experience with Migration Downunder has been wonderful! We’ve worked with the team at Migration Downunder from the beginning when they assisted with our temporary work visa through to the employer sponsored 186 visa and most recently our citizenship application. Everyone has been extremely professional and supportive. Staff always responded quickly and efficiently, which is equally helpful to the application and one’s mental health during lengthy applications. Having a key person to whom you can direct questions really makes you feel that your application is in good hands. 

Why is it important for you to have obtained Australian citizenship and how, if any, will it change your life? 

Having become an Australian citizen means we can live our lives the way we want, with far greater options. If we want to stay in Australia forever, or tomorrow we get a job offer anywhere in the world, we can always come back. While Australia is certainly far far away from much of the world, it also insulates itself from a lot of political chaos and drama.

What made my citizenship ceremony even more memorable (and possibly quirky) was that the ceremony was held at Sydney’s ‘Royal Easter Show’!

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