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Sona Iplani

Name: Sona Iplani
From: India
Title: Registered Migration Agent
MARN. 1686766

My fascination to work for the migration industry originated from the day I started working as a Visa Officer at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in India. My interest and understanding of one of the most complex and dynamic sectors of law strengthened through extensive job training and interaction with a wide range of clients. The best part of the role was to help thousands of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages with a common aspiration to migrate to Australia and realize their dreams. The personal and professional happiness that I experienced while conveying to a client that “your visa has been granted” is unparalleled.

Impressed with the quality of life in Australia, I migrated in 2013 from India to make Australia my new home. Following the best decision of my life, I graduated in migration law From Victoria University to become a Registered Migration Agent and continue my passion to practice as a consultant. I have personally experienced the challenges and the stress involved in the immigration process. Today, I am able to understand and resolve similar hardships faced by my clients against the legal requirements including legislation, policies and procedures. I am client-focussed and always put myself in the client’s shoes before delivering the service to meet and exceed their expectations.

I truly believe in honesty, commitment and trust that form the basis of all my personal and professional relationships. I love to learn, travel and spend quality time with my family and friends. I enjoy long walks on a beach, picnics, watching movies and playing outdoors with my pet.

I am a Registered Migration Agent At Migration Downunder. I am glad to assist people from various countries and backgrounds to achieve their migration goals for Australia. My major responsibility includes providing immigration advice and consulting to deliver strategic solutions for both individual and corporate clients for a wide range of visa streams.

Prior to joining Migration Downunder, I worked a Registered Migration Agent at another firm in a similar role. I have also worked as a Visa Officer with the Immigration department in my previous tenure.

The team at Migration Downunder truly believes and works towards its core values that encompasses ethics, integrity, commitment and empathy. They form the basis of our best practices, culture and communication with our clients. Sharing ideas and respecting individuality enables me to connect with my team as well as my clients from various backgrounds. A happy vibe is what stimulates me to work towards my goal everyday!

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