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Student Visa Options

Choose a Career Not a Visa

Choose a course of study that you’re passionate about and are interested in as you’ll require relevant work experience in your chosen course of study if you wish to remain permanently in Australia.

Australia is known for high-quality education and a high-quality lifestyle with Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane being named in the top ten liveable cities in the world.

Most students, upon arriving in Australia, want to remain permanently.  A qualification alone cannot gain you permanent residency and therefore you must have a genuine interest in the subject you study and are willing to work in the area after completing your study.

Skilled migration is for ‘skilled’ people and to be considered skilled you must have the relevant work experience to complement your field of study; in most cases it is a minimum of two years of relevant full-time experience.

Those international students in the midst of a career pathway my opt for bit cities and big organisations where there is job opportunities and growth.  Whereas opting to studying in regional area will provide a higher chance of becoming an Australian permanent resident.

Before choosing a suitable course to study in Australia, you will need to understand how you will gain Australian permanent residency.

There are two main visa streams that will obtain you permanent residency:

  1. Skilled Independent/State Nominated – Subclass 189, 190 and 491
  2. Employer Sponsored – Subclass 482, 494, DAMA and 186

The standard requirements for each of those streams require:

  1. A qualification that meets the Australian Qualification Framework
  2. Obtain a positive Skills Assessment with the relevant assessing authority
  3. Have work experience in the nominated occupation
  4. English requirements

Age requirements

  1. Health & Character requirements

Certain things to consider about courses that can lead to Permanent Residency in Australia:

Some Courses You May Wish to Consider:

Migration Downunder’s advice to all international students is to ensure they speak to a Registered Migration Agent prior to their investments in Australian studies. Do not rely on an Education Agent as they are not permitted nor are qualified to provide immigration advice.

You can find everything International Students need to know here in relation to practical tips to ensure you are prepared, welcomed, and connected and supported upon your arrival in Australia.

Would you like to know more about your prospects for a visa?

Eligibility is the most important step in determining whether a person may meet the legal criteria for a visa application and one consultation could save you money.

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