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191 Visa – Permanent Residency (Skilled Regional) Visa

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The 191 Visa Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional Visa) commenced from 16th November 2022 and enables migrants who have lived and worked in a designated regional area in Australia to apply for permanent residency provided they hold an eligible visa and meet the income criteria.

 With This Visa, You Can Do the Following:

  1. Continue to live and work in Australia permanently
  2. Apply for Australian citizenship, upon meeting the requirements
  3. Work and study anywhere in Australia
  4. Sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia

 Criteria for Subclass 191 Visa

  1. You hold an eligible visa. This would be either Subclass 491 or Subclass 494;
  2. You have earnt the taxable income at or above the minimum income threshold for at least three years whilst the holder of a regional provisional visa; and
  3. You have lived in a designated regional area for at least three years and have complied with all the conditions of the regional provisional visa;
  4. Meet all the relevant health and character requirements;
  5. You don’t require a sponsor or be nominated for this visa;
  6. You can include eligible members of the family.

What is the 191 Visa Income Requirements?

  1. You must have had a taxable income at or above the minimum income threshold for at least three years whilst holding your eligible visa. The current minimum income threshold is $53,900;
  2. You must show earnings of at least $53,900 per taxable income year for three years whilst holding an eligible provisional visa;
  3. As the holder of a Subclass 491 visa, you may find you will have to work more than one job in your regional area to earn the required minimum income.

Income Year Calculation for 191 Skilled Regional

An income year is a relevant income year for an applicant if:

Visa Compliance Requirements for Subclass 191 visa

To be eligible for the 191 visa, applicants need to show they have complied with their visa conditions for the duration of their visa.

The current conditions for the Subclass 494 visa include:

The current conditions for the Subclass 491 visa include:

 191 Visa Processing times

Processing times fluctuate in accordance with the departmental workload and are updated monthly. You can check the current processing times on


The current government application fee starts from AUD 435. This will vary depending on the number of dependants included in your application and their age. Our consultancy fee will be dependent on your individual circumstances.

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