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Garth – Partner Visa

I was born on the 10 Feb 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa and one of a twin. Stayed and educated in South Africa. Love my sports, played club and state baseball for 22 years. Supported Australian rugby and cricket for as long as I can remember. I have had the privilege of meeting a few of the players over the years so my interest on Australia has been around for a long time.

How everything started

Myself and Zilla met over Facebook 3 years ago. She was friends with my brother and we started chatting. Well over 10000 emails later I came to Australia in 2010 on holiday and met Zilla and her children. Life changing experience and the spark was there and soon afterwards, in Esperance, we got engaged. Came on holiday in 2011, 2012 and couldn’t handle been apart I decided that I wanted to move here permanently. We applied for the visa and all ran smoothly and on the 18 June 2012, I arrived in Australia to start my new journey. I have 2 kids of my own and it was hard to leave them back in South Africa and after long discussion with my ex wife. She agreed that I could have full custody of my children and have them move to Australia. They joined me in November 2012 and now we are a family. We have all settled extremely well and look forward now to the future that is ahead of us. Zilla has been a great step mother to my children and I have become a good step father to her kids. We are a family of six with pets and honestly couldn’t ask for better.

Future Plans

My future plans is to become an Australian citizen and although I do miss South Africa on some days. This is my new home, my new country and my new life.

Garth and his family live in WA.

Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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