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TJ: Tajinder Singh

My name is Tajinder Singh or known amongst my friends simply as TJ and I love my life in Australia. Yes mate I do!

I am married to the beautiful Daljit (Daisy) Kaur and we both arrived in Australia, from India, only six months after marrying in June 2008. Our first port of arrival was Brisbane as I had friends living here and they had told me good things about Australia and I should come and try my luck.

I arrived in Australia, as a student, in December 2008 with my wife.

I commenced my studies in Brisbane doing Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.

It was tough at the beginning studying, working and keeping my wife happy! I worked as a car wash attendant, kitchen hand as a farm hand picking strawberries (I can no longer eat strawberries), working in a laundry until finally in 2012 I found a job working in my trade as a Cook for a catering business in Emerald.

I moved to Emerald in October 2011 and obtained 457 sponsorship in 2012.

Through a lot of hard work I finally obtained my permanent residency in 2013 and have recently lodged an application for my Australian citizenship.

During this time Daisy and I welcomed a daughter whilst working and studying in Australia, she’s now three and a half and sadly has spent most of her time living with my parents in India as it wasn’t possible to try and make a living and obtain a visa whilst bringing up a daughter.

My wife, Daisy, has a successful cleaning business in Emerald where we continue to live and have become a part of the community even forming a local cricket team.

My sister and her husband also live in Emerald and have applied for their Australian citizenship; our youngest sister is currently studying in Sydney.

My parents remain in India with our daughter and we were grateful to have them come and visit for three months so that we could reacquaint ourselves with our daughter in the hope that she will get to know us and be able to live with us in Australia as a permanent resident.

It is not an easy journey and we’ve worked hard to achieve our permanent residency and hopefully soon citizenship in Australia.

We love our newly adopted country and we’re working hard contributing to the growth of regional Queensland.

Migration Downunder have assisted us all the way with our 457 visa, Regional Sponsored Migration 187 visa– permanent residency and more recently Australian citizenship and we’ve been truly grateful for their support and dedication to our needs throughout this journey.

Cheers Mate!


Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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