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My name is Juliana originating from Rio and my fiancé, Damian, is born and raised in Sydney.

I decided to travel, with my brother, to Australia in 2010, to study.  Like many other migrants I fell in love with this beautiful country but not in my wildest dreams, I imagined that I would find my life partner!

Damian and I first met in a bar in Bondi at the end of November 2011. We dated for a few months however, for family reasons I decided to return to Brazil with no plans to return.  Life is unpredictable and on Christmas day in 2016 I received a phone call from Damian which directed me back to that summer dream and after chatting for weeks, we decided we should rekindle our relationship.

I took a huge leap of faith leaving behind everything I knew and was comfortable with, and in February 2017 I returned to Australia and for Damian.

From the moment we met again at the airport everything started to make sense in our lives.  The unconscious search for that special person with the same family values and goals in life was over. That moment felt like we’re beginning and building together our lifetime journey.

However, fairy tales always present obstacles to overcome and we certainly met with an obstacle when I was turned away from Australia upon re-entering from an overseas trip with Damian.

After three months of living together in Australia, we went to Bali for a friend’s wedding and on the way back, I had an issue with immigration which resulted in my tourist visa cancellation meaning I had to return back to Brazil on the next flight!

It was so hard to be apart from Damian; we were both devastated, and each day felt like a nightmare in our lives. After a month apart Damian proposed. I felt extremely happy and we started to move on with the visa process of applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa.

Before we left Bali we arranged a consultation with a number of migration agencies to evaluate our options. Unfortunately, due to my tourist visa being canceled, our options had dramatically changed and we needed an experienced migration agency to handle my application.

After a number of consultations with different agencies, we were impressed with the advice and level of expertise with difficult scenarios that Migration Downunder handles. Therefore, we felt they were the migration agents to move forward with.

A Partner Visa process is not an easy journey. The time spent apart waiting for the visa approval as well as the prospect of leaving behind your family is an excruciating feeling.  However, the strength of Damian’s and my love for each other as well as the determination of wanting to be reunited made me feel confident about my decision to overcome all difficulties.

My first plan when I arrive in Australia is to find a full -time job and start planning our wedding before eventually buying our own apartment and starting a family.

If I could give some advice to those applying for a Partner Visa don’t take it for granted and money spent on an experienced migration agent is worth it for a lifetime of happiness along with your partner!

Published Fri 14 December 2018.


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