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"Australia has given us a lot. We have got lots of opportunities here... Thank you very much Migration Downunder. "

Tajinder’s Story – Regional Migration Employer Sponsored

Tell us a little about yourself

I am Tajinder. I arrived in Australia with my wife in 2008. I was on a student visa for almost 5 years and a 457 for 1 year. I became a permanent resident in 2013 through the employer sponsored regional migration program – the old Subclass 187 – and have continued to work and live in regional Australia.  I became a citizen in 2015.

My two girls were born in Australia. My first younger sister and her husband came to Australia in 2009. My second younger sister and her husband arrived in 2014. We’ve become four families living in Emerald, Queensland. Emerald is a regional agricultural town in central inland Queensland, with a population of approximately 15,000 people.

Where are you now? How has it been calling Australia home?

I first came to Emerald in 2010, so it’s almost been 13 years living here. We’ve chosen to live here because life is beautiful here – there’s not much running around, it’s quiet, there’s lots of work opportunities, this community is very supportive. Everything in Emerald is a 5-minute drive. My wife and two sisters work at Coles. My wife always comes home when she has a 30-minute break. 300 metres away is our kids’ school. Their kindergarten is right at the front of our house. Next door is the doctor’s surgery. My sisters’ houses are right in front of each other, almost 500 metres away from us. I guess that’s the beauty of living in Emerald. It’s cheap, convenient and comfortable. The domestic airport is very helpful. We always try to support community via the local fundraisers, Coles communities, flood reliefs, flying doctor services and the local cricket teams like Emerald Brothers and Emerald Magpies.  My daughter plays in the under-12s for the Emerald cricket team and we try to show our support for the team often.

How has life changed for you in Australia?

Australia has given us a lot. We have got lots of opportunities here. We are trying our best to support Australia by filling in the gaps. Being Australian, we always respect talented people who come from overseas on different visas to support us by investing money and bringing in skills.

We have a lot of time for our kids. Our kids speak hardcore Punjabi at home and fluent English at school. Our parents are very happy when they visit us. They were quite happy to see all our families just around the corner from each other. They feel quite blessed when they see all our family members together. We are from small villages from back home where everyone knows each other and that’s what our parents miss sometimes, otherwise they enjoy living with us. Our families are together and respectful – 16 family members altogether.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Father’s Day is always important day. I believe every single day is Father’s and Mother’s Day. Being a father of 2 kids, I totally understand our parents’ hard work and sacrifices in bringing us up.

Thanks very much Migration Downunder. I really appreciate how you have been supporting our regional communities.

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