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Top 20 Occupations in Demand in Australia

According to Jobs & Skills Australia, the labour market conditions have been strong since December 2022 and Australia is looking to get its economy back on track.

With the current national skills shortage in Australia, the Government aims to fills this gap by recruiting overseas migrants and training locals to fill numerous vacancies.

The Jobs & Skills Summit report has released top 20 in-demand occupations for each state and territory. This list contains a varied range of professions including healthcare, engineering, digital and construction.  The nationally in-demand occupations are based on multiple factors such as the 2022 Jobs & Skills Summit, job vacancy data and projected employment growth for the next five years.

Are your skills in high demand in Australia?  Read through the list below as this may be a great opportunity to improve your chances to migrate to Australia if you have the qualifications and are employed in this area.

Occupation Internet Vacancy Index Job Ads
Registered Nurses 8,377
Software and Applications Programmers 6,269
Aged and Disabled Carers 4,642
Child Carers 4,277
Construction Managers 4,230
Motor Mechanics 3,924
Retail Managers 3,777
Chefs 3,725
Generalist Medical Practitioners 3,352
Metal Fitters and Machinists 3,137
ICT Business and Systems Analyst 3,053
Civil Engineering Professionals 2,871
Electricians 2,839
Early Childhood (Pre-primary school) Teachers 2,493
Contract, Program and Project Administrators 2,392
Advertising and Marketing Professionals 2,265
Physiotherapists 1,262
Gardeners 1,015
Mining Engineers 957
Database and Systems Administrators. And ICT Security Specialists 942

Source: Jobs & Skills Summit Labour Market Update Report

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Published Tue 14 March 2023.


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