Visas for Business

Standard Business Sponsorship

Employers throughout Australia are struggling in recruiting skilled staff from within the Australian labour market and are now seeking to sponsor qualified and experienced employees from overseas.

Once a Sponsorship has been approved, the company is able to nominate positions to be filled by overseas employees and the overseas employees are able to apply for a Visa.

There are several visa options that allow businesses to sponsor overseas residents or to sponsor temporary overseas residents who might already be in Australia working, studying or visiting.

Standard Business Sponsorship

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

The TSS visa, or 482 visa, is a temporary visa that permits the holder to live in Australia while working full-time for the sponsoring employer, in a nominated occupation that is listed on the Short Skilled List or Medium Long Term Skilled List.

Note: you cannot apply for this visa if you do not have an employer willing to sponsor and employ you in a full-time position. We cannot assist you in finding an employer as we are not a recruitment consultancy.

482 Visa

494 Visa – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa

The Skilled Work Regional subclass 494 visa is a temporary one, valid for five years. You can apply for permanent residency after three years from the time your visa is granted.

The subclass 494 enables employers in regional areas to address labour shortages by sponsoring skilled workers where employers can’t source a skilled Australian worker.  This visa entitles visa holders, together with their families, to live, work and study in designated regional areas of Australia.

The visa is a points-tested visa, requiring either state government nomination or sponsored by an eligible relative in Australia.

Applicants must be under 45 years of age at the time of receiving an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs, otherwise, you won’t meet the eligibility criterion on age.

494 Visa

The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa

The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400) is a temporary visa for people who want to travel to Australia to undertake short-term, non-ongoing highly specialised work, or to conduct an activity as an invited participant.

400 Visa

Training Visa (Subclass 407)

The Training Visa (subclass 407) is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training or professional development.

407 Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visas, or subclass 186 visas, are permanent residency visas for skilled workers which requires your employer/sponsor to have a genuine need for an on-going permanent position.

There is the temporary transition stream for those who are in Australia on the 482 visa and have worked in the occupation for a minimum set period or direct entry for offshore or onshore applicants in occupations on the medium to long-term skilled occupation list.

BREAKING NEWS – From 25 November 2023, all Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 visa holders will be eligible for ENS visas sponsored by their employers regardless of which occupation list they fall under. Sponsored visa holders will be eligible for ENS Temporary Transition Stream after two years (down from three years) of sponsorship on a 482 TSS.

186 Visa

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