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Things to consider before Migrating to Australia

‘Each of us has the desire to explore. In some it’s dormant; in others, it bursts forth in a tangle of motivation’.

It is with this motivation that millions of people migrate every year.
Some are searching for adventure others for a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Regardless of their reasons, they are on the verge of experiencing an exciting and difficult milestone.

We have combined some information to assist you with your decision to migrate to Australia.

Is Australia the place for you?

When deciding which country to migrate to, it is important to consider the culture and environment to ensure it is a right fit for you and your family.  Ideally, there will be a desire to live in a destination that provides a sense of homeliness and happiness.
Another factor to be taken into consideration is distance. Your home country may be on the other side of the world, making the travel home more expensive, time-consuming and exhausting.

Am I allowed to live in Australia?

In order to travel to Australia, you must hold a valid visa. In most instances, you may need to obtain a certain type of temporary Australian visa that will lead to permanent residence.

If you’re interested in ‘testing the waters’ to gain insight as to whether Australia is a good fit for you, enquiring about a Tourist visa or if you are between the age of 18-30 and dependent on your home country you may be eligible for a Working Holiday visa.

As countries have different migration laws, it is important to ensure that thorough research is conducted or alternatively, seek advice regarding your eligibility to migrate.

Family and Friends

Regardless of how wonderful your new home is and how friendly everybody is, at some point, you will miss your family and friends, even your mother-in-law!
In fact, missing your family is one of the predominant reason individuals choose to return to their home country. However, giving your friends and family the opportunity to visit you and vice versa makes for a very special treat throughout the years.


Some would say that not knowing the local language can be compared to waking up deaf and mute. Quite scary, isn’t it?

An inability to express yourself and understand others can be traumatic and make the process of resettlement quite difficult.

Most Australian Visas require applicants to provide evidence that they are able to speak, read and write in English. Therefore, if traveling to Australia is your dream, English is one of the key factors to make this dream come true. Let’s face it; everyone thinks that people who are bilingual are really cool.

Job Prospects

What is a typical wage? What is the minimum wage? (if there is one), What is a realistic salary that someone can live on? What skills do you have that are in demand locally? How many options and alternatives will you have to find employment?
It is important to consider your occupation and skills when migrating to another country. Will your education and training assist you in finding a new job? Are you a part of an international company and can work as an expatriate? You should consider how easy it would be to obtain employment in your new location.

Cultural Differences

Australia is well known for their multi-cultural atmosphere. Individuals from all over the world travel to settle and build a life here. It is important to ensure you are happy and compatible with the culture of the country you intend to migrate to. Whilst it is important to ensure you maintain your heritage, traditions and beliefs, it is also essential that individuals assimilate to (for example) the Australian and New Zealand cultures as well.

We all want to feel included in society and that we belong in our new country, and no other country produces that feeling better than Australia. Assimilating makes life easier and fun, so let’s do it!

Initial Cost of Living

The initial costs of living should be considered prior to traveling. You may not be able to find a job straight away or the company that is sponsoring you may not be paying all costs associated with your relocation. Perhaps make a list of your projected expenses such as rent or mortgage, plane tickets, purchasing a car, food, internet, mobile, childcare etc. It is also imperative to ensure you accumulate your expenses in accordance with the current exchange rate!

Living Cost in Australia 

Migrating with Children

Children are affected by migration in different ways, therefore it is extremely important to prepare your children for the move. Depending upon their age and their affinity with their home country, this can vary from immense excitement to a reluctance to leave their home and social network behind.
Consider researching in advance about schools, childcare and day cares. It may take some time to obtain a place for your children and fees may be another determinant factor.

To learn more about finding a school for your children to attend, access

Before migrating to Australia

It is important to ensure that you have all information and you have been advised thoroughly with regard to your eligibility for an Australian Visa

Australia is an amazing country to travel to and build a life in. However, obtaining the appropriate visa can be a time-consuming and slightly tricky process.

Immigration Useful Links

Migrating to another country demands a lot of research. To help you find what you need to know, we have listed the sites are most helpful and relevant.


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